Keiran Lee Appears On Jerry Springer Show, Today!

Keiran Lee Appears On Jerry Springer Show, Today!

Posted: February 08, 2012

If Brazzers were a hot dog stand, Keiran Lee would be the spicy sausage all the girls would want to wrap their mouths around. All 10 juicy inches of it. His awesome willy is a wonder to behold, and even more marvelous due to his capacity to get hard and cum on command. Sounds easy enough, till you consider the hours of humping required on set, and the various oddities that can occur when you’re shooting porn (like your co-star pooping on you).

(Keiran'sa billboard legend on Sunset Boulevard)

 It’s Keiran’s brilliance at boning that makes him Brazzers’ only contracted star, and thereby invaluable. Hence, the million dollar insurance Brazzers bought on Mr. Lee’s cock. Lloyd of London’s, known for insuring such celebrity bits as David Beckham’s legs, Bruce Springsteen’s Vocal chords,  and Betty Grable’s legs, is the lucky organization that gets the notoriety of paying the tab should Keiran’s supercock crash. The only thing the insurance doesn’t cover is if he should lose his dick all together.

Sensational, right? Just the sort of thing that could and has made him a contestant on The Jerry Springer Show.  Keiran flew to Connecticut to be interviewed for the show on January 10. The episode airs today and is not to be missed. Keiran is one funny dude, and the Springer  platform is sure to inspire hijinks and hilarity. 

Keiran Lee
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