Peeping Tom Caught Hiding inside a Porta Potty

Peeping Tom Caught Hiding inside a Porta Potty

Posted: June 23, 2011

Police are currently looking for a man who was seen hiding and possibly peeping at women relieving themselves on him in a porta-potty during Boulder Colorado’s Hanuman Yoga Festival. "A female patron of the festival walked into a portable toilet and told police she noticed that something was moving inside the tank when she lifted the lid," said police spokeswoman Kim Kobel. This free lovin’ yoga practicing hippy woman who saw the suspect asked her male friend to go back inside the washroom to double check and sure enough, she was right. "The man told police that when he entered the toilet, he did see someone inside the tank, covered in a tarp," said Kobel.  After exiting the toilet, the man heard the door lock from the inside.

UGH!  I don’t know if it’s just because I went to summer camp every year, or maybe it’s that drain scene from IT but seeing someone in the tank of a porta potty/ outhouse is one of my biggest fears.  When the guy finally emerged from the washroom several minutes later, security and onlookers clad in Lulu Lemon gear were greeted by a man covered in feces and bloody cuts. The guards tried their best to grab the guy a la greased up death guy scene from the picnic Family Guy episode, but he got away.

Seriously, I am totally down with being open about weird sexual fetishes, but this one is way too weird for words.  How could you possibly enjoy anything about this?! If you want to practice safe and legal scat peeping, at least invest in your own porta potty. If you're around Boulder Colorado be on the look out for this creep, apparently his name is Sky so I'm sure you'll find him around pot or hot yoga classes.


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