Titty Tuesday: Lady Gaga’s Tatas

Titty Tuesday: Lady Gaga’s Tatas

Posted: March 05, 2013

 Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, more commonly known by her stage name, Lady Gaga, has a great set of tits that often get overlooked due to her crazy costuming and vocal prowess. Behind the oddities of meat dresses, unusual head pieces (one can’t even call them hats), and nameless other strange bits that can loosely be framed as fashion pieces, the true glory that is lady Gaga’s phenomenal curvature is camouflaged. Not only does she have an amazing rack, but she also has a toned tummy, luscious legs, and a truly fabulous ass.

 Unlike many other popstars, her sexuality isn’t at the forefront of her onstage persona. When she does do seductive though, she does it as good as the rest, and at times, even better.

 Gaga isn’t shy about showing off her tatas. She’s posed in the buff for Vanity Fair and for famed photographer, Terry Richardson, on more than one occasion. She’s also no stranger to the topless self-pic, some of which she’s posted for fans on her social networking site, LittleMonsters.com.

 The 26 year old pop sensation first started to accrue widespread celebrity status in 2008, when she released her debut album, The Fame, featuring such chart topping hits as “Just Dance,” and “Poker Face.” In 2009 a second follow up record, The Fame Monster, was sold, and again she topped billboard charts, this time with singles such as “Bad Romance,” “Telephone,” and “Alejandro.” Gaga’s third and most recent album entitled Born this Way, has accrued just as much success with such singles as “Born This Way,” and “Judas.” For her achievememnts, Lady Gaga has accrued five Grammy awards and 13 MTV Music Video Awards.

 When she isn’t completely immersed in her music career, Lady Gaga puts her efforts towards humanitarian causes and LGBT activism. She’s a staunch supporter of gay right and herself is openly bisexual.

 On a more personal level, for the last year Lady Gaga has been romantically immersed with actor Taylor Kinney, known for his rolls in Zero Dark Thirty and in TV series Chicago Fire. Rumor has it the two are solid as a couple.

 In the not too distant future (maybe September of this year), fans can expect a new album to be titled Artpop. Among the confirmed tracks is a sequel to the Beyoncé duet "Telephone." Lots of tittytastic goodness will hopefully impede as a result.


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