Jane Fonda Admits to Using Testosterone to Boost Her Sex Life

Posted: August 30, 2011

We all know aging men like to indulge in a little Viagra to get their mojo going when nature fails them, but we rarely hear about woman going down the same route. Actually, I don’t think Viagra would have the same effect on the fairer sex as it does on the 80 year old sugar daddy crowd.

As it turns out, testosterone might be the answer for aging woman looking to keep their sex drive going and going and going.

Jane Fonda, sex icon from the 80’s recently went on a marketing tour for her new book Prime Time in which, among other things, she goes on a tell all spree giving advice to aging couples on how to keep the spark nice and sparky. Advice that entails watching videos and attending sex workshops.

The sex goddess volunteered some extra juicy information, which she had left out of the book, to the Sunday Telegraph's Seven magazine: "Here's something I haven't admitted publicly yet: I discovered testosterone about three years ago, which makes a huge difference if you want to remain sexual and your libido has dropped. Use testosterone. It comes in a gel, a pill, or a patch."

Unfortunately sweet Jane had to drop the use of the male hormone, because it was giving her acne, but that didn’t stop her from having the best sex of her life in her 70’s.

In a Charlie Rose interview, Jane went on to say that in the past she tried to please ex-husbands, Roger Vadim, Tom Hayden, and Ted Turner, "at the expense of her own pleasure" and satisfaction. A mistake she won’t repeat with current music producer boyfriend Richard Perry.

If like so many young folk these days, you’ve never seen a movie that was released before 2005 (shame on you), and the only image you have of Jane Fonda is what you saw in the Jennifer Lopez flop Monster-in-Law… leaving you with no idea why Jane Fonda is considered a sex icon you should take a peek at this clip from Barbarella and all will be made clear.

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